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The Dawn of Change
In 2013 our co-founder and CEO Damien Jonathan Caldwell recognized a deficiency in the claims industry, specifically with regard to the provision of ancillary services from. From one claim shop or law firm to another, processes and practices varied, but there was one consistency. They were all burdensome. Industry professionals who adjudicate claims were focusing a great deal of their time on obtaining the services they needed to process and/or make determinations on the claims they had before them. As case loads increase, the demand on them increased and they were faced with multiple contact points with multiple service providers, who they in turn often needed to follow up on to ensure they received the services they requested. Adjusters and attorneys became vendor managers and the energy and focus placed on claims was moved to following up on items they had yet to receive, scheduling additional services, monitoring via spreadsheet, their diary or logging into multiple databases to request, follow up or obtain their end products. At the same time, the evolution of the service providers had begun. Large organizations were forming and/or acquiring smaller regional companies who were providing customized service and attentiveness that was being lost in the pursuit of the bottom line focused on by the power corporations. The industry needed a change, but how? Big companies did not want to focus resources on building new solutions, smaller companies were more interested in cashing in then revolutionizing and in the end the clients were left as the industry began to suffer. Recognizing where this was leading the basis for ASG was created and working on the first version of ASGARD began.

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Adjudication Services Group is Introduced

Later in 2013 with a beta platform and a vision for the future we met with Risk Managers, Third Party Administrators, Carriers and Attorneys as well as various service providers throughout the industry. The reception to the concept and beta platform were unanimous. “We need this.” But something was still missing, and we were not satisfied to bring this to market despite the request for custom build outs, and additional models. We needed to offer our clients and the market something truly revolutionary, that was not just going to make getting your services easier, but provide a unique and valuable service to the Risk Managers, Adjusters, Attorneys and Employers alike. We wanted to introduce a concept that was not going to be limited to one region but could be used nationally or even globally.


Revolutionizing The Industry

Today more than ever the industry is calling for change. The future of what was seen back in 2013 has come to pass and the need for change is now. After 5 years in development ASG and our proprietary platform A.S.G.A.R.D. are here. Adjudication Services Group is more than just a platform for the property and casualty industry, we are not a traditional vendor management service or an ancillary service provider looking to corner the market on every service in the industry. We recognize, one company can’t be the experts in everything. The ASG Service Model, provide our clients with a platform to manage and select vendors, monitor referral progress and contain costs for every service they need within one secure platform. No longer do adjusters, employers or attorneys need to handle multiple vendors and contracts to obtain the services they require. They are able to access those vendors via one platform that not only provides them access to services, but ensures that those vendors adhere to industry best practices. ASG will monitor time-frames, deadlines, SLA’s and instructions on a global scale!
Imagine, one site, one login, one system to control them all. ASG will monitor and rate vendors on set metrics which are available to our clients to aid them in there selection. We only work with best in class service providers throughout the industry that meet our standards for service, technology, security and customer satisfaction. Additionally, ASG is able to provide our clients with robust reporting capabilities to assist risk managers better understand their spend, trends and assist them in improving not only individual claim results, but overall program outcomes. That is the ASG Model.


The Future of Vendor Management

Welcome to the future of Vendor Management and Ancillary Services. We look forward to sharing it with you!

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