“We learned from the past and saw the future…so we decided to built it.”



Your organization is unique.  Because you perform similar tasks does not mean you have the same operation.  The ASG Model was created with the understanding that every organization has its own idiosyncrasies.  What is important to one may not be important to another.

Therefore, we give our clients the ability to work with our very comprehensive and thorough services program which allows for standard modifications or create a unique program based around the areas and items that are important to you.  ASG will work with you to create a program which highlights and focuses on the areas important to you.

Eye ImageWhether you elect our standard program or a customized program ASG monitors vendors performance and claims data at multiple levels .  Offering you powerful insight and transparency like never before.



ASG clients are not beholden to out of the box solutions.  We put the pen in your hand and enable you to draw the lines and customize our services to meet your program needs.



The ASG Model focuses on what is important to you.  Targeting the key components and managing them proactively to ensure a successful program and improved overall outcomes.


PartnershipEvery relationship is a partnership.  We work with client partners to build successful program while working with service providers (vendors) to ensure they meet program expectations.



powerThe ASG’s Model’s top client benefit is Power. The power to create, monitor and control their program. But all of the powers ASG brings none is greater than the power to choose.




Take everything you have been taught about what a vendor management company is and throw it away!

Adjudication Services Group has redefined what it means to manage your service providers.  We empower our clients to not only manage all the traditional aspects of their service providers performance, we give them the ability to refer and communicate with all of them in one secure platform.

Imagine your team(s) being able to obtain and monitor every ancillary referral, fore every claim in one location.  Now imagine further consolidating that information with their general claims information and you have the most complete picture assembled at your fingertips.

Managing your teams and programs has never been easier.  ASG provide you the ability to view:

  • Overall Program Performance
  • Vendor Performance (at both program and referral levels)
  • Spend Data at the program, claims and client levels
  • And much, much more…

ASG alleviates the burden from you, allowing your teams to focus on what really matters, improving outcomes.


Utilizing your current network of service providers or ASG’s network of certified service providers, our clients have the ability via A.S.G.A.R.D. to obtain any service they need from:

  • ASG’s Network of Certified Service Providers
  • Your companies approved service providers
  • Utilize a combination of both to create a complete program


A.S.G.A.R.D. bring our clients an unprecedented level of control in your vendor program.  Increasing transparency, control and connectivity to your service providers while reducing your time and effort in doing so.  ASG brings:

– Consolidated program management via A.S.G.A.R.D.

– Service Level and Regulatory Compliance controls built in

– Real time performance tracking down to the referral level

– Role based user access and security

– Enforce rotation protocols automatically and completely eliminate leakage

– ASG Network Advantage offers freedom of choice

– Plus ASG’s contract management and more…


ASG reviews and rates each vendor based on a number of criteria.  Each vendor receives an overall score as well as ratings for each referral.  Clients can view particular metrics per referral or per service provider.  Metrics include but are not limited to:

  • Best Practice Compliance
  • Performance Metrics
  • Data and Security Compliance Level
  • Technological Capability
  • Contractual Compliance (SLA Score)
  • Service Cost Value
  • Client Feedbak



Do you know how much time adjusters, attorneys, paralegals, vendor and risk managers spend accessing multiple systems to compile data, make referrals and/or address concerns with service providers,  We do and that is why our goal in developing our services and technology was to alleviate the burden from our clients.

ASG via our proprietary web-based platform A.S.G.A.R.D. brings all the services you require in adjudicating or litigating a claim right to your fingertips.  The ASG Ancillary Referral Program enables you to request services from vendors of your choice or automatically via our rules engine which will route your referral accordingly to the appropriate vendor based on predetermined criteria.

ASG MARKETPLACE – Services via ASG Certified Services Providers

  • Nurse Case Management
  • Investigation and Surveillance
  • Medicare Compliance Services
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Functional Restoration
  • Transportation and Translation
  • Medical Bill Review
  • Legal Nurse Reviews
  • First & Third Party Auto Solutions

CLIENT SPECIFIC NETWORK – For clients with an established vendor network we provide all the benefits of our Vendor Management Program customized to your company needs

  • Customized Network of Service Providers
  • Consolidate and manage your current contrackts
  • Create programs by geographic region or branch
  • And more…

EMPLOYER SERVICES – Additional Employer Services via the ASG Partner Program

  • Risk & Safety Management
  • Claim Review and Consulting
  • Benefits Management
  • Defense Counsel

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