The ASG Model

The ASG Model

Adjudication Services Group was founded with two goals, alleviate as much of the burden as possible for claims professionals and to return decision making to performance and quality based metrics.    Our work with employers, carriers, service providers, attorneys and medical professionals from multiple perspectives empowered us with a unique and diverse experience of the entire claims process.  This expertise lead to the creation of The ASG Model and the recreation of our proprietary web platform A.S.G.A.R.D. – the only vendor management and analytics platform of its kind.

Our research and experienced determined that you must accept three facts:

Run on a track or field. Note a spot on the track that’s 20 meters away to one side of you and one that’s 20 meters to the opposite side. Turn and run 20 meters to one marker. Stop, turn the other direction, and run all the way back till you hit the second marker.

1,000 Meter Shuttle Run

Four Days Every Week

Limited Controls

Need to enforce our service expectations In order to truly manage vendors in any program you need to have control:

– Current programs rely solely on good faith compliance

– Penalties are a remedy after failed compliance

– Limited resources to ensure compliance.

– Standard firms offer no proactive controls

– Burdensome review and procurement process

Data Integrity and Limitations

Need to improve the quality of data reviewed Risk Managers, Vendor Managers and Program Managers have become inundated with gathering data from their systems or relying on data from their vendors:

– Reporting metrics are limited usually to random samples

– Data sets cover large time periods

– Information gathering is often labor and time intensive

Vendor Overload

Need to focus on what’s important The abundance of services and platforms which claims professionals are required to use and/or access has become overwhelming:

– Unique Vendor Platforms for every vendor and service

– Multiple points of contacts and methods of communication

– Adjusters, Attorneys and Paralegals have become vendor managers by necessity


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