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Adjudication Services Group (ASG) is not your everyday service provider.  We are the developers of the most powerful platform created enabling our clients to control all of their resources and tools utilized in adjudicating a claim under one roof.   Our Vendor Management System puts the power and knowledge back in your hands.  Our clients are able to monitor and compare service providers, request services, track referral progress and analyze spends, performance and program outcomes.  We have alleviated the burden of dealing with multiple vendors and points of contact through our proprietary platform and unique service model.  This is the one system to control them all.  Welcome to the future of Ancillary Service Management.

  • Overall Program Performance
  • Vendor Performance
  • Spend at the program, claim and client levels
  • Accurate and friendly support

The A.S.G.A.R.D. Platform

Benefits of ASGARD

The Benefits of ASGARD

Putting the tech talk aside, there are many benefits to ASGARD beginning with its scalability. ASGARD was designed to grow and our Chief Technology Officer prides himself on remaining at the forefront in the industry. Some of the features ASGARD brings to our clients include:
– Superior Data Security Practices
– Custom Rules Engine (built in SLA’s)
– All In One Platform for all services required to adjudicate a claim
– Vendor Management and Monitoring
– Superior Communication
– Unprecedented Transparency
– Process Consolidation
ASGARD brings to you an efficient solution which enables its users to return their focus to the task at hand, adjudicating their claims and obtaining the best possible outcomes while containing their costs.

Data Integrity and Security

Data Integrity & Security


ASG understands the importance of data integrity and security.  Our process holds to the highest standards of data integrity and security.  Whether it is obtaining Business Association Agreements, ensuring HIPAA compliant emails or making sure your data is secure even when at rest on our servers, we not only meet but exceed standard security requirements for the industry.

We know that trusting ASG with your data begins with implicit trust in the platform.  You can be confident that:

  • ASG’s platform and your data is housed in multiple, redundant data centers located within the United States
  • Each data center is SOC 1, 2, 3; SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA and HITECH compliant
  • Your data is stored with AES-256 encryption and key spaces unique to your organization
  • ASG Data Centers are secured by industry leading platforms and personnel
  • ASG’s platform fully logs and records access for every claim.
Data Integrity and Security
Data Integrity and Security 2
End Users
ASG National

What this means to the End User?

Is that most of the time the costs associated with integrating these legacy systems is more than the company is willing to bare. This results in limited information that is able to be made available, stagnant features and benefits to the client and internally it creates an environment that will never be able to maximize its efficiency, thus passing the expense of operations onto their customers. Clients have multiple logins, to multiple systems to access the services they need to adjudicate their claims. Unfortunately, these companies may round the corners and change the color schemes of their databases, but the functionality remains limited and ultimately fails to provide the end user with a true solution to supplement their program.

ASGARD Different?

What Makes ASGARD Different?


Today most systems utilized are older “legacy” systems which have either been developed over a decade ago and/or are obtained through acquisition of smaller entities. These companies in many instances have not been able to cohesively merge these systems. Their users must operate in two, three and sometimes even more databases to provide their clients with the services they provide. This leads to inefficient operations, data integrity issues and the inability to provide the customer with a solitary platform to request and/or monitor the services they require.

What is ASGARD?

What is ASGARD?

ASGARD is the fitting acronym for Adjudication Services Group Ancillary Referral Database. The name is rooted in Norse/Viking mythology and truly represents the advanced technologies that made Asgard the home of the mythical Gods.
ASGARD has been developed using today’s cutting edge technology. Our proprietary, secure and scalable web platform has been designed with years of industry experience behind it to fill a void which it’s architects and our company’s founders recognized over years of working in this arena. The system brings industry best practices, vendor management and analytical features to its users fingertips.

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