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Data & System Consolidation


A Single-Pane-Of-Glass Solution
The industry term for a platform which consolidates multiple systems, processes and data is a "single-pane-of-glass".  Enabling you to take control over your data, increase efficiencies, controls and performance.

How can a single pane of glass change your world?

We designed our ASGARD platform to be 

That means we are willing and capable of ingesting data from any source capable of exporting it.

Whether it is loss data, claim data or some other related data you want captured for analysis, we will work with your partners to obtain it.

Our ASGARD system securely houses your data making it accessible to you via:
- Management Dashboards
- Standardized Reporting
- Ad-hoc reporting
- Analytics Interface Module

Centralized access equates to powerful data analysis, predictive modeling and so much more.

Tired of reviewing multiple legacy claim formats from a myriad of carriers and TPAs?

ASGARD can present your data, your way.  Our dashboard metrics allow you to view program data at macro and micro levels based on your specific needs.  Normalizing meaningful data for easier consumption.

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