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"The best way to predict the future, is to create it."

-Abraham Lincoln

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About Us

Adjudication Services Group is not your standard insurance technology company.  We are a team of industry insiders; claims and system development professionals from the workers' compensation, automotive and liability arenas.  Ancillary service experts that have served as both consumers and providers of the services claims professionals use today.  With unique insights, experience and know-how, ASG delivers a powerful solutions from reimagining vendor management to returning to "simple claims" we are here to change the industry for the better.  

Our Mission

ASG's goal is to alleviate the burden from claims professionals at all levels, while returning program's back to performance based decision making.  Maintain a commitment to integrity in our performance and service and have fun while doing so.


Our Values


We believe in quality in both our product and our character.

Providing Value

Our goal is to find and deliver value in all we do.

Provide Transparency

Know what you have, how it's doing and what you're paying for, always.

Create Efficiency

Save our clients time with every product and feature we develop for or with them.

Commitment to Innovation

We are never satisfied and are always looking for new ways to create efficiencies, automate workflows and increase value to our clients and the industry.


We are not actively recruiting at the moment, but please keep an eye on our careers page for future opportunities.

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