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Risk Management Information & Claims System

Claims Management

ASG's INFINITY system is an operational RMIS system that also serves as an employer, carrier, or broker's claim repository.  Its unbiased connectivity allows connectivity to one or more external claim administrators as well as internal systems connections that may be required.

INFINITY also operates as a stand-alone claims management system.

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Kronos Timeline

Bills and vendor activity and compliance at a glance.

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Claim Performance Metrics

Monitor claim count, injuries, reserve trends, expenses, trends and more.

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It's not your daddy's system!

ASG Technology Benefits

  • Policy Management

  • Centralized Stakeholder Communications

  • Incident Management and Reporting

  • Analytics

  • Access to Verisk Service Suite via our strategic partnership

  • Instant Access to Claims and Performance Data

  • Superior Data Security

  • Unprecedented Transparency and Control

  • Customizable Business Rules and Workflow Automation

  • Reduced Administrative Costs and Vendor Optimization

  • Freedom of Choice and Transition

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