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Verisk Partnership

ASG National is proud to have entered a strategic partnership with Verisk.  Verisk provides a wide range of casualty claims compliance services - from extensive MSP services to efficient EDI reporting - as well as proven predictive analytics that improve workers' compensation and liability claims management.  Verisk's strong commitment to innovation with more than 30 market-leading solutions designed to improve claims outcomes throughout the life of a claim.  This enables our clients to access a suite of Veris services directly through our ASGARD System continuing to put your data to work for you.

Learn More about Verisk Suite Below:

MSP Navigator® | Section 111 Reporting

MSP Navigator® is a highly accurate Section 111 reporting solution supported by their team of legal and medical experts. The solution not only reports data but also provides CMS compliance analytics. Integration options are available for customers with ISO ClaimSearch®.

wcPrism | Workers' Compensation EDI Reporting

Workers’ compensation data compliance reporting is challenging; insurers must carefully format and submit detailed claim and policy data to state jurisdictions and data collection organizations. Verisk has solutions for all workers’ compensation compliance reporting needs that will help save time and improve reporting accuracy.

wcAnalyzer® | Data Analytics

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) workers’ compensation reporting process entails the transmission of a vast amount of information, including detailed first reports of injury (FROI) and subsequent reports of injury (SROI) claims and medical billing data. Verisk has a solution that can help states and insurers get more from their compliance efforts.

wcNavigator® | Data Analytics

Accurately determining workers’ compensation claim severity early is key to controlling claim costs. wcNavigator® uses predictive analytics to help adjusters and claims managers accurately identify claim severity as early as day one.

To learn how you can add any of these services to your ASGARD System contact your ASG Representative or email

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